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About UE


We help colleges and universities to market their graduate and post graduate programs. Our objective simply is to assist universities to maintain a uniform flow of students every year. 

Our firm is not interested in simply producing a service for our clients. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with them so that the delivery of their message becomes a seamless, thought-provoking experience that engenders action. Unified Educators understands that colleges and universities have special needs in delivering their information and messages to the public and creating inspiration to act on these messages. At Unified Educators, we have been working with reputable colleges, universities and corporate companies across the country for over 14 years. Many characteristics make us unique including the following:

  • We create immediate and ready revenue for our clients.
  • Our consultants carry more than 30 years of consulting experience in the Education industry.
  • We have a strong database of international recruitment agents, university administrators and public school districts.
  • We have successfully placed dozens of presidents, vice presidents, provosts, assistant provosts, deans, and program directors in top colleges and universities.

Our capabilities spread across a broad spectrum, including:

  • International Student Recruitment
  • Graduate Enrollment
  • Academic Executive Search
  • Institutional Insurance and Risk Management

Our expertise and reach in the Education industry is reflected through our referrals time after time. We believe that good relationships and trust are built up over time and must not be compromised.  We have a team of informed and committed senior consultants who understand the need of the graduate students, colleges, and universities. In the Education industry, Unified Educators has a niche in domain expertise, innovative delivery models and approaches to consulting. Our solutions enable our clients, stake holders and partners to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by achieving a faster time to market and reduced total cost of ownership resulting into high levels of satisfaction.  Our achievements have been recognized by various university administrators, analysts, forums and clients – winning several prestigious awards and accolades.

UE is an ideal Education consulting and outsourcing partner for long-term relationships because of:

  • Our longevity plan to pass ownership to junior partners
  • Our sustained growth over more than 12 years
  • Our strong cash-flows and fiscal discipline
  • Our deep industry experience and functional skills
  • Our strong network in Education industry

Thank you,

Dr. Barry Meinster