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Research Shows Teachers Use Four Criteria When Selecting A Graduate Program

Market Research

If your graduate programs can demonstrate the following elements, then we are a good fit.

These 4 elements must be included in any engaging landing page. If your landing pages contain these elements the inquiring student will never leave. A menu type landing page is not good. Even call-to-actions alone will not work.

Engage…engage…engage…engage with the student around their needs

Market Research Strategies

  • Create a unique teacher outreach logo based on the University’s brand and mission.
  • Discover new potential student populations both in-State and out-of-State.
  • Help acquire approval from out-of-State DOEs.
  • Determine which programs are needed by which school districts as they relate to student population size, economics, language and ethnic makeup, and the potential growth or changes within these variables.
  • Examine school district/union contracts to determine which districts have superior financial incentives for teachers to enroll in additional degree/certification programs and then focus marketing and recruitment efforts in these districts.
  • Provide a 3 year forecast that determines future program enrollments based on children demographics and teacher retirement cycles.
  • Suggest (and produce) new programs and delivery formats that meet the unique needs of individual school districts.
  • Create a database of school administrators and union leaders, and share this database with the University.
  • Examine similar programs from other Universities and determine competitiveness based on price and quality.
  • Examine State and Federal mandates and funding sources that will increase or diminish K12 program size.