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Fund Manager Recruitment and Selection

Conducting a thorough review of the current investment portfolio: UE will review the current investment portfolio of the endowment committee to identify any gaps or areas of improvement or new ventures. This will help them understand the type of fund managers that would be needed to fill any gaps or improve portfolio diversification.

UE will utilize its proprietary database "Portfolio Pros 360" to conduct a thorough local, national and international market and industry analysis to identify potential fund managers who have a strong track record and expertise in the asset classes, subclasses, sectors and regions that the committee is interested in. This will help the committee make informed decisions and create a shortlist of fund managers to consider.

UE will help arrange for the shortlisted fund managers to meet with the endowment committee and make presentations on their strategies, approach, and performance. This would allow the committee to ask detailed questions and get a better understanding of the fund managers' investment strategies, risk management practices, and track record.

Based on the endowment committee's objectives, UE would help develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that outlines the requirements, evaluation criteria, and timeline for the selection process. This document would be sent out to the shortlist of fund managers identified during the market research phase.

UE will help the endowment committee score the most suitable fund managers for each asset class. Using inputs from interviews and RFP responses, UE will use a comprehensive scoring system and evaluation criteria utilizing UE's "Manager Metrics Tool".

Based on their evaluation and analysis, UE will provide recommendations to the endowment committee on the best fund managers for each asset class. UE will continue due deligance and conduct aditional reference checks on the remaining fund managers to gather insights from their current and past clients.

UE will assist the committee in negotiating terms and creating an investment agreement with the selected fund managers. UE will also help determine the best investment partnership structure and help finalize legal contracts between the endowment committee and the selected fund managers. UE would ensure that all terms and conditions are clearly defined and agreed upon by both parties.

UE can assist the endowment committee in negotiating favorable terms and fees with the selected fund managers. Once the fund managers have been selected, UE will continue to monitor their performance and provide regular evaluations to the endowment committee to ensure their investments are in line with their objectives. UE will also conintually quiry the committee's desire to expand investments into additional asset classes and subsectors requiring additonal fund managers.

Fee Structure

We charge a flat fee of 6,000 to 12,000 per fund manager recruitment/selection depending on….

  • Scope of Services

    The fee will be on the higher end of the spectrum for identifying and selecting fund managers, conducting research and analysis, and monitoring performance, than if the services are limited to providing a list of potential fund managers and then narrowing down to a short list.

  • Scope of Work

    The fee is at the lower end for evaluating fewer fund managers than if required to extensively research and evaluate a larger number of fund managers.

  • Complexity of Fund/Asset

    Evaluating managers of private equity, hedge funds and other alternative assets may require more time than other assets.

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