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Unified Educators

Marketing & Consulting for Higher Education

Aggressive Marketing
(Honest, Professional and Caring)
K12 Teacher Graduate Enrollment

K12 Teacher Graduate Enrollment

Extensive recruitment of public school teachers for graduate programs. Many Educators return to the University for second and third programs. UE helps the University create long lasting relationships with public school districts.

Market Research

Market Research

Constantly searching and developing new markets while increasing the market share of existing markets. UE continually perfects more ways to drive qualified students to University programs. 

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

VPs of Enrollment Management are surprised with greater enrollment revenue than expected.  UE reduces pain points that allow our partner Universities to devote their resources to other areas.  We work with the University marketing staff sharing all outcomes.

Extensive marketing elements result in much higher enrollment…

  • Conduct extensive marketing campaigns utilizing all forms of media and distribution
  • Work with admission staff and academic departments
  • Extensive relationships with end user organizations such as school districts and unions
  • Share with our partners an extensive CRM system
  • Receive and answer initial inquiries using subcontracted call-centers
  • Provide career guidance to respective inquiries
  • Process all inquiries up to enrollment
  • Opt-in email and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Social Media Integration
  • Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • SEO and Google Word Ads searches
  • Micro sites and landing pages
  • Click through email campaigns to landing pages
  • Use of multiple email servers including AWS, Alibaba and Mailwizz
  • Utilize various funnel platforms
  • Integration with CRMs including Banner, Saleforce, Slate, etc
  • Highway billboards
  • Transportation signage
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Content creation if required
  • Marketing analytics

Relevant Enrollment Metrics

We use relevant metrics to measure success for our partners and avoid pure academic fluff.



Produced over $72,000,000 since 2008 for Rowan University

Administrator Relations

Administrator Relations

We maintain long lasting relationships with state school districts, hospitals, and local and national corporations.

Landing Page Visits

Landing Page Visits

We average 1,000 visits a day per landing page

Union and Association Leadership Relations

Union and Association Leadership Relations

Supportive relationships with AFT, NEA, AFSCME, ANA, NASPA, and various AFL-CIO locals.

Returning Students

Returning Students

The number of students enrolling in a second and third program

Call Center Success

Call Center Success

Our call centers conduct 500 incoming and outgoing calls per week per client

Completed Applications

Completed Applications

Converting applications to completed application is the most important ratio (See other related metrics)


Campaigns for P-12 School

Recruitment for school administrative certifications & degrees:

Supervisor Certification

Principal Certification

Supervisor of School Counselors

Masters in School Administration

District Superintendent Certification


PH.D in Education


Campaigns for Teaching Specialities

Recruitment for all grade and subject certifications:

English as a Second Language


Special Education Certifications/Masters including Autism

Reading Specialist

Technology in Education

Early Childhood

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

Urban Education

School Counseling


Campaigns for Nursing

Recruitment for all nursing programs:



MSN Clincal Leadership

MSN Education

Female manager discussing business

Campaigns for Business

Recruitment for all business degrees:




Supply Chain Management

Human Resources

it people

Campaigns for Information Technology

Recruitment for all IT related degrees:

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Network Operations and Security

Cloud and Systems Administration

Software Development

Data Management and Data Analytics


Campaigns for HealthCare Management

Recruitment for graduate healthcare programs:

MBS Healthcare Management

Masters in Health Leadership

Masters in Hospital Administration