Assisting Student Investment Advisory Committees



Student Investment Advisory Committees Add Value

Advise the endowment investment committee on potential opportunities and risks.

Offering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the endowment committee including new ideas and prospects on investing.

Advocate for responsible investing by pushing for investments in socially and environmentally responsible companies and industries which align with the values of the university.

Act as liaisons between the endowment investment committee and the student body.

Manage a student-led fund initiative to support sustainability projects and initiatives on campus.

Student Investment Advisory Committees
Assist Student Investment Advisory Committees

Provide training and education to students on topics such as investment strategies, risk management, and portfolio management. This can help students develop the necessary skills to serve as advisors making suggestions to the university’s investment committee.

Provide networking opportunities, facilitate networking opportunities for student members with industry professionals, giving students access to valuable connections in the investment world.

Provide leads to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 internships and employment.

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