Our Process

How Unified Educators Works With Universities

  • Schedule a Discovery Call

    The first step in helping a client university with its endowment money investments is to schedule a discovery call with a few university representatives. This call will allow us to learn more about the university's goals, risk tolerance, current investment portfolio and the present outsourced professionals assisting with endownment fund investments.

    Step 1

  • Conduct a Consultation and Needs Analysis

    Next, we conduct a consultation with the university representatives to understand their specific needs and goals for the endowment funds. This could include factors such as the need for long-term growth, annual income generation, and ethical investment choices. Additionally, we conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine the university's risk tolerance and financial priorities.

    Step 2

  • Suggest and Refer Professionals

    Based on the information gathered during the discovery call and consultation, we suggest and refer one or more of our professional partners to assist with the endowment fund investments. This could include an OCIO, financial advisors, consultants, wealth managers, or investment firms with experience in managing endowment funds for universities.

    Step 3

  • Monitor Success

    Once the university has selected professionals to manage the endowment funds, it is important to continuously monitor the success of the investments. This could include regular meetings with the professionals plus investment committee members, reviewing investment performance reports, and staying informed about any changes or developments in the market that could impact the endowment funds.

    Step 4

  • Review and Make Adjustments

    As with any investment strategy, it is important to regularly review and make adjustments as needed. This includes keeping informed with the recommened outsourced professionals and committe members about rebalancing the investment portfolio, adjusting risk levels, or making changes to align with the university's evolving financial goals.

    Step 5

  • Provide Ongoing Support

    As the university's trusted advisor, it is important to provide ongoing support and guidance for the endowment fund investments. This could include answering any questions or concerns, providing updates on the market and investment performance, add or removal of fund managers, and offering expertise and advice when needed.

    Step 6

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