Preventing Antisemitism

  • Banning SJP and BSD

    Ban BSD petitions or boycotts involving Israel. Ban SJP chapters (Students for Justice in Palestine) and other organizations calling for the destruction of Israel on campus .

  • Suspensions

    *Suspension of students who tear down flyers advertising Pro-Israel events. *Suspension of students who harass any other student by limiting their walking space or entrance to and from college buildings or engages or interacts with another student using hate speech.

  • Suspensions

    *Suspension of students who prevent or disrupt an Israeli speaker from appearing on campus. *Suspension of students who prevent or disrupt Israeli or Jewish performers. *Suspension of students involved in incidents involving anti-Semitic vandalism or harassment on campus.

  • Employee Suspensions or Dismissals

    *Place any professor on probation if they encourage students to attend an anti-Israel event or punish students for not attending. *Disallow professors presenting one perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  *Disallow events featuring controversial anti-Israel speakers. *Place any college employee on probation if they sponsor an anti-Israel speaker. *Place any professor or instructor on suspension for demeaning students because of their religion or ethnic identity.

  • Banning Hate Speech and Chants

    *Strict banning on certain chants or symbols associated with anti-Semitism on campus such “From the river to the sea”. *Ban student-led protests or demonstrations targeting Israel or Jewish students.

  • Maintain Respect for All Students

    *Clear and consistent support for Jewish students and their concerns by college administration. *Presence of strong Jewish student organizations and support networks on campus. *Faculty, staff and student training on recognizing and addressing anti-Semitism and other minority hate speech. .

  • Relationships With Authorities

    Maintain a close relationship with local police, State police and Federal investigative agencies while pursuing arrests of student offenders that break local, State, and Federal laws. *Train campus safety personnel how to respond to personal safety and student harassment violations.

  • Removal of International Student Visas

    The college vice president of the school's International Student Center will recommend to the International Student Visa and Immigration Center the removal of visas and deportation of all international student offenders.