Surpassing Peer and Benckmark Financial Success

We offer investment portfolio management services to assist the university in managing its endowment investments across various asset classes. With our modified endowment model we have been able to surpass all fund benchmarks and peer alpha. This includes setting investment objectives, creating an asset allocation strategy, monitoring investments, and making balance portfolio adjustments at every level as needed. See below for more details.

Superior Asset Class Consulting


Social and Ethical Investments

This can include investments in:

In contrast, investing in unethical or socially irresponsible companies can have negative consequences, such as supporting industries that harm the environment or violate human rights. This can include avoiding investments in industries such as tobacco, weapons, and fossil fuels.

Due Diligence

We perform extensive due diligence with hedge funds, mutual funds and other fund of funds to ensure that there are no connections to terrorist groups, money laundering, white collar crime or anti-American organizations within the fund. This involves thoroughly researching the fund and its investors to identify any potential risks and ensure that the fund is in compliance with all regulatory requirements. By conducting due diligence, we can mitigate any potential risks and ensure their investments align with their ethical and legal standards. The following activities are performed before recommending any fund or asset:

Using the following resources a thorough due diligence reviews the fund’s investment strategies, potential conflicts of interest, and possible money laundering or terrorist financing:

  1.  Screening Databases – There are several databases that can be used to screen individuals and entities for potential connections to terrorism, white collar crime, money laundering or anti-American groups. These include:
  2.  Open Source Information – Conducting research using publicly available information, such as news articles, social media, and online forums, can also help identify potential connections to terrorist or anti-American groups. This method can provide valuable insights and help to corroborate information gathered from other sources.

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